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Your donation allows us to:

  • Pay artists living wages

  • Deliver unique surprising design across all areas

  • Provide a limited amount of free tickets for every show

  • Work with professional artists from around the world

  •  Create vibrant bold new theatre

There are lots of ways YOU can help!


--currently we are renewing our fiscal sponsorship, so until that's finalized please contribute to our tip jar available at every show. 


 --build puppets and props for upcoming shows

 --spread the word and pass out postcards, link us to your social media

 --in-kind donations for skills that can help document our process, our shows, marketing, management, bookkeeping


 --SPACE (the biggest issue facing Austin artists): for readings, workshops, rehearsals, performances

 --building materials: lumber, insulation foam, paint, a big box hardware store gift card

 --quality tools: drills, hammers, saws, hardware

 --help print our posters, postcards, playbills


--If you'd like to learn more about sponsorship email us at CB[at]

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